Bringing the love of food to the people we love!

Our Story


Mom, Wife, Chef, Sunayna Thakur is a pediatric occupational therapist by profession who decided to explore a passion for creativity through food. She educates and empowers families of special needs to thrive and has worked for over 15 years in both school and clinical settings. She also runs her own OT practice ( Sunayna grew up in California to immigrant parents and has fond memories of her mom who expressed her love through food and hosting parties with a variety of vegetarian Indian dishes. Her mom has always been her inspiration and source of strength.

While Sunayna has always been a foodie, before she settled down and had a family, she was fortunate to travel all over the world. Her love for people of different cultures and flavors of cuisine encouraged her to begin a culinary journey that started with her own family. Coming up with innovative fusion flavors is a daily adventure and she loves to share her creations with her family and friends.

You will find Rollarama Mama at public events like concerts, farmer’s markets and outdoor movie nights in the Greater Seattle area. In addition to public events, we cater to private parties and events.